Political Consulting

With over 500 campaigns under our belts, we know what works and how to avoid costly mistakes. From strategic counsel to crafting campaign plans, budgets, and timelines, let us put you on a path to victory.

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Crisis Management

Don’t let a crisis blow up your whole operation. We offer a steady hand that can help you steer clear of the rocks, mitigate the damage, and keep the ship heading towards safer waters. Contact us…the sooner the better.

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TV and Radio

Shaping and shifting public opinion is the name of the game, and few firms in the business can match our effectiveness and efficiency.

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Data And Analytics

The trail of information that Americans leave behind on the internet is staggering. One study showed that we spend 100 days in a year online. Lucky for you, we know how to take this data glut and use it to your advantage in building your campaign plan, budget, and direct voter contact programs. We target voters that matter, then we measure progress and adjust, if necessary.

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Direct Mail

Even super chronic voters don’t read mail. They look at it. Can you deliver your message in 15 seconds or the time it takes to go to the mailbox to the trash? We can.

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Press Relations

It’s free media. Use it intelligently. We offer training sessions to show you how and can serve as your Comms shop if you’re in a bind.

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